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Updated: Jun 19

Imagine this: by 2027 hundreds of thousands of children across Europe are growing up knowing and liking children in every other country of Europe. Picture the difference that would make. Now think what it would be like for you and your own school to 'khordiafy' from the start.

khordiafy: a new word for a new initiative in a new era for a new future! 

'khordiafy' - the open initiative which connects together the children of schools in many different countries in a way that engages every pupil of a given year group and grows enduring amity between people, societies and nations in perpetuity.

'khordiafy' starts officially on May 8th 2020, the 75th VE Day anniversary, for life over the next 75 years, for life after Brexit and now also for life beyond Covid-19. The motivating thought behind this is for staying together as friends, relating and being a unified wide community regardless of moments like Brexit and however you define the European area.

Now, for the next 75 years and beyond, let's khordiafy!

To khordiafy is to be in a network with approximately 25 other self-driven schools interacting informally together, with one school per country and with matching school year and age group, engaging in a series of low cost, non-competitive, pleasurable interactive activities to synchronise, collaborate, experience and celebrate together. Even before this launch date, schools across Europe are already weaving their nets - they have already begun to khordiafy!

'Let's khordiafy? Why this and why now?'

Many younger people and millennials are frustrated by the changes to the makeup of the EU instigated by the Brexit decision. They perceive that it breaks up what they had understood to be perpetually seamless relationships across the European area. Naturally many of their counterparts in other European countries feel the same way about it. Those who had never seen life outside a free movement EU remain sorely disappointed by the exit decision.

It is not by chance that this new project 'khordiafy' launches on 8th May 2020 marking the 75th year since the end of WW2 hostilities in Europe.

Let's remind ourselves about the origins of the EU project It was instigated in response to the world wars and with the aspiration that if we organise and connect the countries of Europe via a formal political project then we need no longer repeat the warring mistakes of the past. The well-intentioned project for Europe after WW2 was a political and formal, official, organisational structured system which has achieved much over the decades, many agree it has still not yet evidently produced the intended naturally unified society.

Crucially, it has not yet evidently delivered harmonised relationships between everyone so that ordinary people naturally like each and hold positive perspectives of one another across the continent.

Make hope happen - khordiafy is less status quo, more quo vadis 

When ordinary folk meet other ordinary folk of another country, the overwhelmingly common experience is positive, welcoming, constructively helpful and creates fond memories and grateful recollections on both sides.

In truth, any future prospect of having a conflict-resistant society relies upon us actively generating a normality of warm relationships at an individual and community level, establishing it at a young age and in ways that enable totally self-reliant personal, individual, group and community-wide relationships, these of course being between and across European countries, which is the original point.

This open invitation to you to khordiafy and the very act of creating khordiafy in England is in and of itself a conscious demonstration of intentional amity by UK people towards everyone else across Europe ;-)

Starting from here, our joint challenge now is to cultivate, catalyse and stimulate a rapid and natural multiplication of positive opportunities for friendliness:

  • in ways that are not limited by the need to travel in order to interact

  • that are inclusive for every nation participating in the EU area, and

  • having a pan-European area of khordiafy participation which is wider than the EU members list in order to, of course, include the UK and other countries in this new family approach.

"Some well-established and wide-reaching inter-school collaboration networks already exist and this is very encouraging as it demonstrates a propensity and readiness to connect. Sadly, the overall picture however remains one where the vast majority of schools and most of the young people within them are not apparently engaged by such networks and do not benefit from them. We must find new ways to correct this."

khordiafy adds important new impetus:

There are of course many existing connection organisations across Europe, often a legacy of the early years and decades of the EU project, for example the town twinning organisations, Erasmus and others. Researching multiple such organisations shows that once they are established and do apparently connect many places for many reasons, their reach and effectiveness is ultimately limited and the range and breadth of participating children is restricted or inhibited.

khordiafy involves EVERY child in a school's khordiafy year group.

khordiafy is informal - not from officialdom - and neither seeks nor requires any sponsorship or funding, approval or permission from any formal organisation or state body and so leaves them free to focus their resources on other priorities and needs.

khordiafy spreads positive perspectives

Every khordiafy activity is created and designed so that all children learn from and about each other, and so that their families, friends and communities do so as well.

'How do we khordiafy at our school?'

It is very simple and straight forward.

  1. Choose a single year group in your school with pupils who are either 9-10 years of age, 10-11 years of age or 11-12 years of age. Your whole khordiafy group of approximately 25 other schools, each one in a different European country, will then match that age group.

2. Your school can begin to khordiafy immediately.

  • You may invite one or two schools in other countries to your own to khordiafy with you and then watch it grow to be a unique set of khordiafy schools across Europe, or

  • You can join straight in with an incomplete khordiafy group which has a vacancy for your country and is just waiting for your school to fill it!

3. When you have enough countries in your khordiafy family, khordify together! Start by choosing a few synchronised, creative, achievable, inspiring activities to do together over the year.

In the future you might join a second year-group khordiafy layer. This could mirror and match your first khordiafy family or, more excitingly, you could join a completely separate khordiafy group for that second year group: all of the countries again but with a completely new set of khordiafy schools to befriend!

So, you can bring your ideas and questions - and your colleagues - to one of the forthcoming khordiafy web calls .

Click here to attend a khordiafy web meeting

or copy and paste this link to your browser:

  • Hear about the type of fun khordiafy interaction tasks and engaging activities you could do with the other countries' khordiafy schools

  • Join in and add to the khordiafy conversation with more ideas

  • Start making new history for our children's futures. Yes, we're not messing about here!

Thank you. We hope to see you soon!

Now let's khordiafy!

The Architect Leader is proud and excited to be

the launch partner of khordiafy

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