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What happens when a school drives Architect Leadership on purpose?
"Honestly? Well what heartens me most is this merely puts out in writing...
The Architect Leader feedback:

"Honestly? What heartens me is this merely puts out in writing at last what we all see in schools and gives it voice. Gives me hope."

Deputy Head 

"The whole process of working with AL has pushed the school further, faster and...
The Architect Leader feedback:

"The whole Architect Leader process  has pushed the school further, faster and with renewed optimism to have a positive impact on our students and community."

School head leading a  turnaround

"Leadership of an established school which needs re-invigorating requires some tough practical decisions, and these have been worked through with the Architect Leader guidance, in particular with reference to delegation and responsibility."

"Leadership of an established school which needs re-invigorating requires some tough practical decisions, and....

head teAcher feedback

"Working with Architect Leader has been a pleasure and significant to the life of the school and to me as Headteacher.


I heartily recommend The Architect Leader to help transform and build your school."

Head Teacher, 

Infants to Senior

WHat a school leader says:

"In the Spring of 2018

I made contact with the Architect Leader (AL) facilitator and we agreed to work together to see the school flourish.

The net result is that numbers are up by over 20%, the school has a real purpose and direction, areas that had stalled have been re-invigorated and a clear sense of purpose has been captured by all stakeholders. Our aim is to be outstanding in all areas."


Head Teacher, independent school,

West Midlands


"Without Architect Leader's support, we would still be struggling to see a way forward- certainly more stressed and fearful of inspections etc.


Instead, we are excited by the next 5 years, having already made significant strides over the last 12 months."

18 months as new Head Teacher

a personal note:

"Having support as a Head, which can be very lonely at times, has been invaluable. The Architect Leader has been there to advise and support, make constructive suggestions and be a personal sounding board for ideas.


The external view, with significant business and education experience, has helped me to have a bigger vision for the school and equipped me with some of the necessary tools to make the positive changes happen."

8 yrs of Head Teacher experience

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