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We assess your leadership beliefs and endeavours to ascertain which of the five leader styles you default to. We explore how to model Architect behaviour more consistently through a combination of personal and team workshops and mentoring.


You'll learn how bring out the best from colleagues who are Surgeons, Soldiers, Accountants or Philosophers, and leverage each other's strengths by working on a series of programmatic 'team missions' that benefit your school and students over the short and long term.


Based on world-class research this is a thoroughly 'hands on' and refreshingly practical school leader and school development programme.

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We can examine your school's historical performance to understand the inputs, procedures and processes that have been driving the outputs.


Through a process some have called 'eye opening' we help you draft your Architect School Blueprint™, which distils your school's operating model onto a single page. From this you'll compare your school to the way Architect Leaders run their schools, and find new opportunities to improve school performance.


This forms the basis for changes you will then undertake, and provides the baseline against which all future progress will be measured.

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THE ARCHITECT LEADER® is a 12-18 month programme for School Heads and may include members of their Senior Leadership Team who have already signed-up for a level of Fellowship. Once enrolled, you can join the Architect Leader® Coaching programme.


The Coaching programme begins with your ONLINE PERSONAL ASSESSMENT to learn which of the five researched leader styles (Architect, Surgeon, Soldier, Accountant or Philosopher) you operate closest to most of the time. Repeating this assessment at the 6 and 12 month marks of the programme tracks the extent of your transformation .


Your first ONE-HOUR PERSONAL COACHING SESSION may be run face to face or remotely via Zoom. This launch session focuses on explaining your assessment, showing how to accent existing strengths, and function as an Architect Leader® more consistently. During the subsequent 11 months you'll receive an additional 9 x 30-minute COACHING SESSIONS ON ZOOM with your assigned mentor, who will help you to apply the Architect Leader® perspective and mindset to real live situations at your own school, not theoretical scenarios.


Throughout the programme you'll log a WEEKLY JOURNAL ENTRY. In equal measure catharsis, self discovery and roadmap, this builds a priceless record of your inner voice and observations as you strive to apply new approaches in your school, face barriers and find breakthroughs. You may choose to share some of your insights in blogs or videos for use in your own school's LEARNING LIBRARY

as well as with the wider Architect Leader® community. Your contribution to the Architect Leader® leadership community is based on whichever level of Architect Leader® Fellowship you have undertaken.


Throughout the programme you'll collate the evidence of what you're applying from the programme to achieve your ongoing LEADER CHALLENGES. These will record any material impact on your team, local community, school and student results.


After 12 months of verifiable positive results you'll CERTIFY as an ARCHITECT LEADER® at the level of Fellowship you have signed up for. You may then apply to graduate to the next level of Fellowship, with its added benefits and responsibilities.


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