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Heads, future leaders, SLTs, governors, start here.

  • khordiafy pioneer

    Leaders in schools preparing for their school to khordiafy
    Free Plan
    • - Enter the conversation, bring your ideas, be inspired
    • - Meet khordiafy pioneers from across Europe
    • - Motivate your school community to khordiafy
    • - Activate a 'We khordiafy!' school year group membership
    • See the khordiafy vision here:
    • (The Architect Leader is the khordiafy launch partner)
  • 'We khordaify!'

    Every year
    To kordiafy a year-group with 25 other countries, 135€ pa.
    • - generate enduring amity for generations to come
    • - pursue the khordiafy vision:
    • - khordiafy in combination with schools from across Europe
    • - same year-group khordiafy families one school per country
    • - engaging EVERY pupil, their homes and communities
    • (The Architect Leader is the khordiafy launch partner)
  • Associate Fellowship

    Every year
    AFAL starts here - lift how you lead, lift your school.
    • 1. Evidence-based certification of AL achievement, letters
    • 2. Architect Leader coaching/mentoring options
    • 3. Entry to Architect Leader annual summit TAL-Con
    • 4. 'The School Head Mag' (Autumn/Spring)
    • 5. 'The Head Teacher Journal' (x9 p.a.) Newsletter
    • 6. Access to the online leadership assessment portal
    • 7. Access to AL focus groups, online, on site
    • 8. Contribute 2x blog, 2x video on applying AL principles
    • 9. Engage your own SLT for access to team-wide accreditation
  • Governor Associate

    Every year
    Build more value - Architect Leader Governors' Perspectives
    • 1. Evidence-based certification of your AL achievements
    • 2. Architect Leader coaching/mentoring options
    • 3. Architect Leadership Governor Journal
    • 4. Discover how to assess what type of leader you need
    • 5. Find how to support and develop the leaders you have
    • 6. Entry to Architect Leader annual leadership summit TALcon
    • 7. Access to AL focus groups, online, on site
    • 8. Build a Board to match the school AL vision
    • 9. Recruit and on-board Trustees and Governors with AL
  • Org-wide:

    Every year
    School or MAT-wide application of Architect Leadership*
    Valid for 3 years
    • NB. This subscription only opens your org. membership
    • Contact us first to shape your org-specific membership plan
    • Created to fit your unique vision, context and trajectory.
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Business Meeting
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Business Meeting
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Th Architect Leader is an active fellowship for you to be part of. 

Associates can progress to Fellow and on to Senior Fellow and Principal Fellow, all through merit and proven Architect Leader application and experience. 

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