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Our recommended reading selection

for school leadership with excellence: 

Our Autumn read and apply book:
A no-nonsense guide -
Improve staff retention, performance, engagement, workload and motivation.
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A free copy worth £12

when you attend

'The School Leader Workshops: Six 'How To' Architect Leadership sessions'

Sat 23 November, London  £15 pp

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Effective tips to end the search for change in children and turn the focus back on the adults.
Shines an uncompromising light on the things wise school leaders do more of the time.
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book high performance school systems.jpg
The relationship between emotional intelligence and high performing leaders.
Design first-rate education and high-performance school systems that last.
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book start with why.jpg
A step-by-step pathway for living with fairness, integrity, honesty and human dignity.
A compelling fable on the importance to embrace change as a way of life.
A penetrating exploration of what separates great leaders from the rest.
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