News: How schools across Europe are building bonds of friendship to last for generations.

Updated: Apr 13

'khordiafy' is a new word for a new initiative in a new era for a new future!

You can use this page to explain khordiafy to colleagues and friends.

The motivation is simple:

That all our countries' children grow up as friends, forming relationships that unify, despite changes like Brexit occurring, or however the European area is defined.

Imagine that by the year 2027, millions of children of every country and culture of Europe are growing up knowing and liking each other. Now think what positive future results this would create for each one of them and for the future of Europe as a whole. It's a bold vision!

"When ordinary folk encounter other ordinary folk of another country, the overwhelmingly common experience is positive, welcoming, constructively helpful, leaving fond memories and grateful recollections on both sides as well as creating lasting relationships."

'khordiafy' is a fresh open initiative.

It engages school children of many countries, includes every single pupil, builds enduring amity between them all and their communities and, when they become adults, also their children and grandchildren. Now think what it would be like for your own local school 'to khordiafy' too.

'To khordiafy': to be interacting in a family group of schools from many different countries and growing in friendship and understanding

  • Cultivate a conflict-resistant society

  • Establish mutually positive perspectives at a young age

  • Generate a normality of warm relationships at individual and community levels

  • Build lasting bonds between European cultures and communities

  • Free of the limiting need to travel in order to interact

  • Involves every single child in a school's khordiafying year group or grade

  • A new family approach for countries to embrace, whether EU or otherwise such as UK.

Schools across Europe are already building their khordiafy families.

Why create 'khordiafy' and why now?

For positive relationships after Brexit , and now for a positive outlook beyond the Covid-19 pandemic,

khordiafy launched on 8th May 2020 the 75th anniversary of VE Day,

to generate lasting friendliness and kindness to endure for the next 75 years and beyond.

"Europe does already have some well-established and wide-reaching inter-school collaboration projects. Sadly the vast majority of schools never engage in any such scheme and so their school children never personally benefit from any them. We must find new ways to correct this."

#MakeHopeHappen khordiafy is more quo vadis, less status quo

Ian Hilton-Turvey , khordiafy founder and vision leader

"I invite you and your school to start to khordiafy as we create new ways to spread positive attitudes and lasting friendliness."

khordiafy activities spread positive perspectives - Every khordiafying activity is designed so that all of children learn from each other and about each other, and so that their families, their friends and wider communities will do so as well.

All pupils in a khordiafy group are of the same age group/ grade / school year

  • engaging together in low cost, non-competitive, pleasurable activities

  • involving every single school child in that year group

  • participating, synchronising, collaborating, experiencing and celebrating together.

khordiafy is a post-Brexit resolution: Across Europe many younger people who had only known life with a free-movement EU are frustrated by the changes instigated by the 'Brexit' decision. They fear that it inhibits seamless relationships across the European area.

In response to this, instead of passive disappointment, khordiafy offers schools a visionary and practical opportunity for some invigorating befriending to happen.

The EU project has achieved many good things over the decades, seeking to avoid the warring and decisive mistakes of the past. Yet has it produced a naturally unified society and visibly harmonised relationships between everyone? Is it yet it normal for ordinary people across this continent to naturally like each other? Do we habitually hold positive perspectives of one another?


khordiafy adds important new impetus and energy:

khordiafy is informal - It is a grass roots movement. It is not from officialdom and it requires no sponsorship, funding, endorsement or permission from any formal organisation or state body.


FAQ: "How can my school start to khordiafy with other schools across Europe?"

1. Register your school's interest with khordiafy

2. Decide which year group or grade to khordiafy: pupils aged 8-9 years, 9-10, or 10-11 years of age.

  • All schools in a khordiafy group will be of one matched age group

  • Each khordiafy school in your group will be from a separate European country

  • Your school will be the only one from your country in that khordiafy family.

3. Take up your country's place in a khordiafy family of schools.

  • Be added automatically into an already-growing khordiafy group which still has a vacancy for your country. They are just waiting for you to fill that void!

  • You could instead begin a fresh khordiafy family. Directly invite one or two schools from other countries to khordiafy with you. If they can then also invite other schools from across Europe, and as others are automatically added, another new unique khordiafy family is formed and khordiafying can begin!

4. Start making new history for our children's futures.

  • Your group can declare together 'Let's khordiafy!' when you have at least 12 countries represented in it.

  • Decide on the creative, achievable, affordable, fun and inspiring synchronised khordiafy activity your group will do together over the year ahead.

FAQ: "How do we learn more about how khordiafying activities work?

  • The khordiafy activities, interactions, creative tasks your school could have fun doing with the other country khordiafy schools in your multinational khordiafy 'family' group

  • Adding of your own ideas to the khordiafy conversation

  • Sharing khordiafy with your leadership team and other colleagues

Now let's

The Architect Leader and wididi are proud and excited to be

launch partners of khordiafy for 2020 and beyond

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